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 Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019 - H.R. 649

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  • Condemns China for repressing Muslims, especially the Uyghurs, in the Xingjiang region

  • Directs the Secretary of State to consider targeted sanctions on Chinese officials

  • Calls for several reports addressing the human rights abuses and the dangers from the development and transfer of surveillance tech

  • Gives a means of protecting US citizens and residents from intimidation from Chinese authorities and helping them find family members in the region

  • Creates a special coordinator for Xingjiang at the Department of State

Status: Referred to House Committees of Foreign Affairs, Intelligence, and Judiciary

Sponsor: Rep. Chris Smith and 98 co-sponsors


The China Working Group has identified these ways for members to support religious freedom for China

Spread the Word!

Help educate others about our current advocacy initiatives by sharing posts on social media. You can help build grassroots support for these vital issues and play an important role in expanding the number of active supporters of religious freedom. 

Follow members of our coalition on social media for their regular updates. Share their posts and feel free to create ones of your own that share your opinions on these topics.

A social media post in support of the Uyghur Human Rights Act could go something like this:

"Over 1 million Uyghur Muslims in China are being detained in prison camps in an attempt to destroy their cultural and religious identity. Tell your Members of Congress to support the Uyghur Human Right Act of 2019 to stand against this oppression of basic human rights."

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Contact Your Members of Congress

Contacting your representatives and senators about these issues is a powerful tool to advance the cause of religious freedom in China. Click on the links below to find the contact info for your Members of Congress. 

Find your Senators: Click Here

Find your Representative: Click Here

A sample advocacy letter: Click Here

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